Apple Macbook Pro Rentals

Apple Macbook Pro Rentals


Latest & Greatest

Up to date and ready for this years demands and softwares

Video & Editing done right

A staple for creatives who demand a machine that executes

Touch Bar Standard

All the frills that can only be found on new machines

Two different options for a perfectly formed hazy, cloud

Unlike a fog machine, which is designed to provide you with a thick, fluffy smoke, a haze machine creates a light and airy mist that can easily be seen through so it never stifles the fun. Only atmospheric and never distracting, haze is a great way to set the mood without obscuring anyones vision.

Generally speaking, haze has a longer lifetime than traditional fog so it’ll still be there when you need it, and it won’t kill the vibe by triggering any smoke alarms. Best used to form a slight diffusion or to highlight light shows, haze machines give you a more ethereal effect than a fog machine that lasts longer.

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