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Your everyday party goer isn't interested in lighting, which is why we believe it should blend in naturally. Lighting, when done correctly, portrays the mood for your event and allows the festivities to shine.

Our first option for lighting is the "moon balloon." Moon balloon fixtures can be bright to illuminate a dance floor or dim for added decoration. A moon balloon is not only our most efficient way to light a large space, but it adds an air of wonder and mystique to events.

Another option, uplighting, is commonly associated with weddings, and for good reason. It completely transforms an otherwise dull room. The colors and effects are endless, as are the memories of your guests. Uplighting hit the market in the early 2010's as a "must have" for many brides and continues to show up at concerts, fundraisers, and corporate events.

Bistro lighting, otherwise known as string lighting, is functional, elegant and timeless. It is versatile in the best way. You can hang string lighting in a rustic barn, church yard, or warehouse and it adds a classic, upscale feel to the space. String lighting is also popular because it can be customized to effectively light any space, no matter how large.

We also specialize in a variety of stage lighting options. Whether it be a concert, wedding or corporate event, we can supply all of your lighting rental needs. If you don't see it, ask and we can make it happen.

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