Change the Atmosphere in a Flash


Change the Atmosphere in a Flash


They’re fun and they shoot confetti up to 30 feet, what more can we say? That amounts to 540 square feet of fluttering awesomeness


We take care of all the hard work, you just add the provided confetti and let the cannon do the rest. Remote-controlled and linkable


Fan powered “explosions” for a cannon effect with no danger. No compressed air or CO2 required — just add confetti


Brilliant. Sparkling. Ethereal. The moments after the cannon goes off are truly beautiful. We offer several confetti color choices

We offer confetti cannon rentals because they’re awesome. Not only do they create the perfect Instagram-able moments, they are genuinely visually dazzling and are sure to elicit cheers and smiles.

  • Launches confetti up to 30', or 540 square feet
  • No need for compressed air or dangerous CO2, these machines are one of the easiest on the market
  • Remote-controlled operation and linkable to other machines
  • Biodegradable confetti options
  • Launch duration up to 25 seconds
  • Quick reload for multiple experiences

Whether you choose sensational sparkles, charming color coordination, or a beautiful blend of both, your event will be left with a magnificent, twinkling glow as the cannon goes off. And, they’re easy to use. Just plug ‘em in, add your selected confetti to the cannon and you’re good to go. Or you can rely on our event guides to set you up with a professional quality confetti extravaganza. To liven up your next event rely on Centric’s confetti cannon rentals and blow your guests away.

How many do I need?

If properly placed one machine can cover areas up to 24' X 24'. For more coverage or for concert and corporate style events we recommend two or more.

Check out this video to see a confetti cannon rental in action!

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