Political Engagements

Political Engagements

Event Rentals For Political Rallies and Events

Centric is proud to support the upcoming election by providing event rentals for political rallies. We offer lighting, sound, tent rentals, and much more so that your rally can be one to remember. 

Additionally, we offer political event management to make sure everything runs smoothly during the rally. With a team that has nearly 8 years of event production and management, we are able to offer new ideas, modern solutions, and dazzling displays.

Need equipment for your next event? Lets get the ball rolling!

Our Experience With Political Events

Over the past few years, Centric has set-up equipment and gear for several major political rallies for Republicans, Democrats, and the Independent political party. We have operated as a complete political event manager in the setup and tear down of event equipment and production. We are here to help you in support of your candidate, party, or political leader. For an event that’s planned or last minute, you can rest assured that our flexible team will make your event run smoothly. 

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