GEYSER vertical fog MACHINE Rental

GEYSER vertical fog MACHINE Rental

Burst Without Flame


Achieve a pyrotechnic-like effect without any of the hazards or fumes of an open flame


Take things to the next level by controlling the built in light for multi-colored eruptions

A vertical blast

Achieve up to 25-foot high vertical blasts of non-toxic fog and light


Remote-controlled and linkable so you can be in the center of the action

This isn’t your traditional hang-around-the-ground fog. This is a small-scale Old Faithful in the palm of your hands. Geyser smoke machines produce a geyser-like, sustained eruption of smoke that offers a stunning visual not unlike a flame. However, unlike pyrotechnics and open flames, there is no danger with a geyser smoke machine, and you decide the fog color. While a fog machine might conjure up an eerie, supernatural effect, the geyser smoke machine induces excitement, elation, and euphoria. Using bursts of fog lit with LEDs, this machine is sure to incite some “ooh”s and “aah”s from unsuspecting guests.

  • Produces a pyrotechnic-like effect by emitting 25-foot-high blasts of fog and light

  • Functions as a dramatic effect or powerful fogger

  • Wireless control of independent colors using the included remote

  • Increase mounting options with vertical or horizontal mounting capabilities

  • Achieve precise timing with instant on/off technology

  • Create customized looks with DMX programming

Check out this video to see a Geyser in action!

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