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Stage Rentals in Arizona

Stage Rentals in Arizona

Set the Stage for Success

We are a full service equipment rental & production company.

Nothing is more embarrassing than falling in front of dozens, or hundreds, of people.

With our stages you don’t need to worry about it because they are non-slip and rubberized. We want your next live event in Scottsdale or Phoenix to be one to remember, not one to forget.

We also have a variety of add-ons like stairs, stage rails, and even crowd control measures to keep your event flowing as smoothly as possible.

Our stage rental packages range from a stage small enough for a solo artist to a stage large enough for a 5-piece band. Additionally, we have multiple heights for you to choose from.

If you’re hosting a concert or event in the Phoenix area, reach out to us for your staging rental needs.

Small Stages & Platforms

Your event doesn’t have to be over the top for you to stand atop the crowd. We offer small stages and raised platform rentals for more intimate gatherings, and though they may be small, they are mighty. Sourced with the same intentional care as our big-ticket items, these small stage rentals are non-slip and compatible with many different accessories. 

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Live Concerts & Bands

Whether your band is performing its first out-of-the-garage concert or rocking out in front of a huge crowd, we have a stage to suit your needs. Able to be upfitted with stairs, rails, and even crowd-control measures, Centric’s stage rentals will put you and your band front and center. Don’t forget to check out our audio and lighting equipment to put on the show of a lifetime. 
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Corporate Events

The point of any corporate event is to stand out and appear professional and experienced. Well, you can’t do that if you’re giving a presentation from a dingy corner with a less than impressive pulpit. Our stage rentals will make you the center of attention, allowing you to become the focal point of your event. 
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Wedding & Engagement Platforms

Elevate your big day with a stage rental. Creating the perfect atmosphere is essential for engagements and expected at weddings. Put your most polished foot forward with a sophisticated stage that enhances just how important your big day is. 
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Mobile Trailer Stage

For large outdoor events our trailer stage rental is a perfect fit. Despite their deceptively easy setup and tear down, these stages are strong and sturdy. Boasting high wind resistance, a roof to protect your talent and crew from the Arizona sun, and plenty of event branding opportunities, this stage is ready to help you produce an event to remember.
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Fashion Shows & Runways

Trying to rule the catwalk while your style is being cramped by a crowd is impossible. So whether you’re walking the runway yourself or simply hosting the event, make sure everyone is putting their best foot forward with a runway rental. 
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