Low Lying Fog

Bewitch Your Attendees with a Little Haze

Low Lying Fog

Bewitch Your Attendees with a Little Haze
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Transform your space into a mysterious wonderland
Used alone or in conjunction with lights & lasers
You may not think elegance when you think of a fog machine, but we’re here to change that

A low-lying fog machine is just the thing to add drama, mystery, a snowy effect, or just run-of-the-mill ominous ground fog to your event. You may be thinking that low lying fog is only good for haunted houses and theatrics, but you’d be wrong.

Imagine walking down the aisle with twinkling lights and white fabric draped everywhere while a light fog drifts across the floor giving you a floating effect. Sounds magical. Or, maybe you’re at a concert and lasers are cutting through the thick fog hovering around you while the music pulses. Whatever you’re picturing, its other-wordly. And, though low lying fog may be associated with horror and mystery, don’t confine it to that. Use a low lying fog machine for an ethereal first dance or even a dramatic entrance for an unexpected twist.

At Centric, our event guides are known for thinking out of the box, and we’re more than happy to chat with you about what a low-lying fog machine can do you for. Talk to us today about what we can do to elevate your next event, and you might be surprised.

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