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Three in One
Emits bubbles, haze or haze-filled bubbles
No need to sound the alarm
Small particles and lower density means less risk of setting off the smoke alarm
Continuous Operation

Sticks around till the end. Once heated it's always ready and capable of running for the duration of your event


Pair multiple units together to amplify the fun

Unlike a fog machine, which is designed to provide you with a thick, fluffy smoke, a haze machine creates a light and airy mist that can easily be seen through so it never stifles the fun. Only atmospheric and never distracting, haze is a great way to set the mood without obscuring anyones vision.

  • Multi-purpose atmospheric machine emits bubbles, haze or haze-filled bubbles
  • Continuous run capability to keep the party going
  • Control the speed bubbles loft up into the air
  • Linkable via DMX

Generally speaking, haze has a longer lifetime than traditional fog so it’ll still be there when you need it, and it won’t kill the vibe by triggering any smoke alarms. Best used to form a slight diffusion or to highlight light shows, haze machines give you a more ethereal effect than a fog machine that lasts longer.


Check out this video to see a bubble haze machine rental in action!

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