LED Video Wall Rentals in Arizona

Are you ready to take your event to another level? Try out our new LED Video Wall Rentals!

If you need something bigger than a TV or projection screen but don't want to spend thousands of dollars on one, then these large bright, and beautiful video wall rentals might be just what you're looking for.

Our 3.9mm and 2.9mm LED wall panels are outdoor rated and are 4,500 nits! That is super brightly lit and perfect for any occasion in the Valley of The Sun!

At Centric, we offer 3.9mm and 2.9mm Video Walls that are absolutely great for Corporate Events, Movie Nights, Assemblies, Large Gatherings, Parties, and So Much More!

If you have an idea in mind for your event or just want to spice up your event layout, we offer LED Video Wall Rentals that can curve!

Here at Centric we offer service for ground support services for any of our LED video wall rentals.

Reserve Your LED Video Wall Rentals Today! Learn more about the different screen size dimensions we offer below:

Video Wall Screen Size Dimensions

5 x 3 | 8.20 x 4.92ft
7 x 4 | 11.48 x 6.56ft
9 x 5 | 14.76 x 8.20ft
10 x 6 | 16.40 x 9.84ft
12 x 7 | 19.68 x 11.48ft
12 x 8 | 19.68 x 13.12ft


Grab everyone’s attention with a sparkling wall that sends a message


A truly amazing visual sure to dazzle everyone


Energy-efficient LEDs provide a beautiful way to save a little money


An elegant solution with a message you can customize

LED Video Wall for Events

A large LED display can be an excellent addition to any event, allowing you to show off your latest products and services, share your messages, and showcase your company’s history. We offer our LED video wall products in various size options ranging from small to large.

LED Screen for Concerts

LED screens can be a great addition to concerts with our live streaming service allowing you to broadcast the action on the big LED screens at the venue. It lets your audience members at the rear of the room see up-close action on the stage and feel the full thrill of the live performance.

We offer the LED video wall, but we can also supply the video cameras, the stage, the audio equipment, and the lights for the event.

LED Video Wall for Stage Backdrop

If you want to make your performance more exciting, use our video walls to create an exciting background for your next show. We offer LED screens and unique stage lights that can create an exciting stage background that can also be used for conveying your videos and texts during your events.

With this exciting new LED video wall technology, you can turn your performance space into a vibrant changing background for each of your scenes during your presentations.

LED Video Wall for Outdoors

We've designed our LED video wall to withstand outdoor conditions. It has an IP rating of 65. With this system, we allow you to use our LED screen during daylight hours and outside to promote your events, corporate sponsors, and any other messages and videos for your events.

Our outdoor rated LED video wall can easily be set up anywhere, and we can take care of everything from managing the video contents and programming to making sure they're always ready to go.

We'd be happy to provide you with an LED video wall and assistance for your next event.

Dynamic Stage with LED Video Wall

We often incorporate our LED video walls into dynamic and exciting stage lighting setups for DJ and rap artist performances.

These LED video walls can display a wide range of images and videos as well as timed content that matches the artist’s music.

We use our LED screens to enhance the visual impact during live events.

LED Video Wall for Corporate Event

Our LED video walls are often set up as background screens at corporate events, conferences, or seminars. They're perfect for creating a dramatic backdrop at events and changing them quickly to match your theme and messages.

A LED screen can display your PowerPoint slides and presentations along with videos and other multimedia content to help you present an engaging event for your audience.

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