A fun concert event for millennials.

34 Tips on How to Create Fun Events for Millennials

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Are you planning to host an event with millennials on the invitation list? Whether hosting a product launch, a B2B conference, or a fancy festival, develop creative ways to keep them engaged.

A study shows that 78% of millennials would rather spend their money on experiences. So, what should you do to make your event unforgettable? You have to plan your event while taking care of millennial quirks and interests.

Here are some of the millennial-friendly ideas for your next event:

Set the Tone to your Event with the Use of Technology

  1. Create an app for the event. It improves interaction and engagement with the millennials.
  2. Set up check-in touchscreen kiosks where the attendees can check out the event information.
  3. Create an informative and appealing website for the event.
  4. Use radio frequency identification technology (RFID) or barcode scanners to speed up check-in.
  5. Provide complimentary Wi-Fi at the event venue.
  6. Provide enough charging spots. They also help with promoting sponsor logos or for branding purposes.

Engage Millennials through Social Media

You cannot contest the use of social media by millennials. They turn to it for industry news, professional and personal recommendation, as well as pop-culture memes. Use social media platforms to create a connection before, during, and after the event.

  1. Promote the event with a unique hashtag. Chat with the audience that has registered using the hashtag.
  2. Use Facebook to live stream the event. It will help you to reach the masses.
  3. Promote the event using social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  4. You can create a geofilter on Snapchat to promote the logo, brand, and event.
  5. After the event, send out follow-up emails, including the takeaways and highlights from the event.
  6. Take advantage of sites such as http://www.livewall.co/features. Not only will you feed their need for connection, but you will also track their participation in the event.
  7. You can organize ice-breaking activities such as games to help the introverts, and the other attendees interact.
  8. Allow millennials to voice their opinions. Surveys, Q&A sessions, presentations, and live polling are some of the options to consider.
  9. Slot in learning opportunities such as professional development, networking, and career growth.
  10. Encourage friendly competition through indoor and outdoor games.
  11. Incorporate activities such as fitness sessions to keep them on the move instead of coffee breaks.
  12. Initiate networking group activities such as yoga sessions or tours to the winery.
  13. Offer opportunities to interact through a keynote speaker with a dynamic delivery.

Create Unique Experiences and Event Visuals for the Millennials

Whether it’s in the décor or the activities, ensure the experience is out of the ordinary.

  1. Rather than using a classroom setup, create a custom floor layout using event diagram software.
  2. Grab the millennials’ attention with bold décor colors, banners, and colorful signage. Ensure you give them a feast for their eyes.
  3. Set up photo stations and picture booths. These can be professionally done photo-taking booths or selfie frames with the company logo.
  4. Don’t push the attendees too hard with the schedule. Allow some “me” time in between the speakers, seminars, and networking.
  5. Make usable items that they can carry away from the event. It could be sweets, notebooks, or pens.
  6. Allow the millennials to give back. It could be through visiting animal shelters or finding ways to give back to society.
  7. Make the event affordable. Instead of making a kill from ticket sales, you can bring onboard partners and sponsors for a higher contribution.

Focus on Instagram-Worthy Food & Beverage Presentations

Instagram has influenced the way we do things. Make your presentations as fun as possible. It will encourage the attendees to share and include the event hashtag in the posts.

  1. Switch up the morning routine by coming up with exciting ways to do the breakfast presentation.
  2. Instead of doing the usual buffet service, you can book food trucks for the luncheon.
  3. Bring in some snacks such as cupcakes for the mid-afternoon snacking.
  4. Offer drinking water with edible infusions. Make it as enjoyable as possible.
  5. Have pretty-looking plates. It can be unique offers at the buffet serving point or edible garnishes in a seated event.
  6. Offer new caffeinated drinks away from the ordinary. It could be cold brews, bubble tea, frappuccinos, matcha, or Nitros.
  7. Get organic and healthy options such as dairy-free, gluten-free, and nut-free options. A healthy diet is the heart of the millennials.

Bleisure (Business & Leisure)

Keeping millennials in meetings all day is not advised with the diverse behaviors and interests they possess. Bleisure allows them to take part in fun activities.

  1. Allow the attendees to mix serious business with leisure. You can accomplish this through visits to museums, local theatres, and local attractions in the area.

Final Word – Plan Your Unforgettable Event

When in doubt, seek the help of a millennial. That said, with the tips given above, you are now ready to wow your guests. Remember – go above and beyond to create an experience that will be too hard to forget.

In case you need our help, feel free to let us know!

FAQs – How to Engage Millennials in Events

1.     How can millennials engage in events?

You can engage millennials through games, promoting interaction, and involvement with event activities.

2.     What activities do millennials like to do?

Millennials appreciate activities such as gaming, sports, art, music, reading, and cooking competitions. Choose the most suitable activities for millennials depending on the agenda of the event.

3.     What topics do millennials like?

Millennials appreciate topics related to purpose, having choices, equality and diversity, budgeting, income-generating activities, and so on.