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How to Plan a Corporate Event: The Ultimate Guide (10 Tips to Know)

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Can you manage people, numbers, ideas, dates, and all other factors at odds with each other? If yes, then planning a corporate event is for you.

A corporate event is a huge task, whether orchestrating a large conference or organizing a small meeting.

Each event requires detailed organizing and planning, no matter how complex or simple. We have the ultimate guide to planning corporate events. 

Take it, learn from it, and run with it. Heck! Make notes from it. Do what you have to do.

Let’s get down to it!

The top 10 tips on how to plan a company event:

Tip #1: Understand the Objective of the Event

To have a successful event, you’ll need to understand what success looks like. Look at it from the leadership’s perspective. 

Successful corporate events have one goal. They’re held to push an objective in the organization or communicate a message. 

They’re a great way of sharing valuable information. They also increase company morale or convey a new message. 

Think of the corporate event as though your job is to deliver an interactive corporate brand experience.

Tip #2: Create a Realistic Budget

Determine the type of event you want to produce. Know the amount of money you have at your disposal. 

Have at least a 10% addition to your budget. It will act as a cushion in case some unexpected expenses pop up.

Once your budget is in place, know where to allocate what money and why

Don’t waste money on expensive flowers. Instead, use it to hire a tech crew to help you run your event smoothly.

Additionally, you will need to have a budget for any special dietary requests. Keep in mind that audiences will be more forgiving of any mishaps when they aren’t thirsty or hungry.

Tip #3: Create Timelines

Create a master checklist to help you keep track of the broad range of tasks you have to work on. Breaking down the tasks helps your team foresee the targeted milestones. 

You can create individual tabs for the different task categories. These can be travel, agenda, venue, schedule, and speakers.

This way, you get to list all the tasks and the person responsible for each task. You will also have all the expected deadlines. 

Tip #4: Determine the Event Audience

Defining your target audience is an important part of event planning.

Is it the company’s executive management, business partners, or long-term clients?, Or is it just a mix of different groups?

Determining the number of guests to invite to the event is stressful. But it is better to invite many people than just a few people.

Regardless of the size of your guest list, people will remember how you treated them. Do not overlook the finer details of the event the attendees will appreciate. 

Make a significant impact on the guest experience. 

Tip #5: Select a Theme and Format

Once you have determined the event audience, select the topic or theme for the event. You then choose how to best present it to the audience. 

Offer opportunities to the attendees to participate in something entertaining, memorable, and fun. Give them an experience they typically would not engage in other places. 

To create success in a corporate event, make it educational while immersive. Be determined to create an event that is different from the norm.

Tip #6: Pick a Suitable Location

Do not make the mistake of picking an event venue before you understand the event’s mission. 

Formulate a plan for the event first, and then identify a suitable venue. Have an idea for the specifics you want to achieve for the event’s success. 

Choose a convenient area for the venue. It is crucial to the event attendance. A vibrant atmosphere will make the attendees want to come to the event.

If you have limited resources, choose to have the event when the venue is less popular. 

Be sure also to support your local vendors for rentals and catering needs. It allows them to expand their business and network.

Tip #7: Plan the Day’s Logistics

To create a successful corporate event, you need to pick the event specialists. You then need to vet and make a contractual agreement with them. 

It includes audiovisual tech guys, caterers, florists, security, decorators, photographers, etc.  

Of course, do not forget to book presenters, speakers, and influencers. These are the experts who will properly articulate the agenda of the meeting. 

Create a leeway in the itinerary for any unplanned occurrences. Leave some room for networking for the attendees.

When wrapping up the event, plan for the attendees to receive an incentive to remain loyal to the organization. 

Tip #8: Promote the Event

Determine creative ways to market your event to ensure attendance. 

Start by emailing the expected attendees. You can then use industry newsletters and social media platforms for marketing the event. 

It would help if you also explored sponsorship opportunities. Brainstorm the best sponsors for the event in line with the corporate mission. 

Tip #9: Take Advantage of Technology

Take advantage of software in event management in tracking the progress of the event. 

Using event apps will help you to streamline the planning of the event. It will also increase attendee engagement. 

Event software ensures you work collaboratively with all the vendors. It also helps you keep track of the project. Some great software for helping to plan events include: 

Tip #10: Evaluate and Celebrate Your Corporate Event Success

Suppose the event ran smoothly, congratulations! 

At this point, you need to tidy up the loose ends. Reconcile your finances and send the remaining balances to vendors. 

You also need to conduct a debrief with the event planning team about the event. Most importantly, get some feedback from the attendees.

The lessons you will learn from the event will help refine your skills for future events.

Wrapping Up

There you have it: your corporate event tips to attaining your event success. If you are looking for a one-stop-shop for all your event production needs then Centric Events and Rentals is the corporate event rental solution for you! Check out our event rental offerings and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, contact one of our specialists today!